The Day of the Dead Now Available on DVD

Based on true facts, a gang of suburban kids is sport-killing home-less people just for fun in the streets of Chicago. One day, they decide to try a new excitement, by murdering a young Mexican working girl, assuming there would be no consequences since she was illegal. They were wrong… Written, Directed and Produced by Ricardo Islas.

The Day of the Dead (Special Edition) DVD is now available at The DVD also includes bonus features like a a special “Behind The Scenes” featurette… and More…


The Day of the Dead is Now Available on Vimeo On Demand

The Day of the Dead

ABC NewsSGL Entertainment will be releasing all of their Films on Vimeo On Demand. This is the latest premiere movie distribution platform and it just launched early this year. Some of the Films that will be available are: Jezebeth, The Hostile Takeover, The Day of the Dead and Many More!!! you can view any of our movies on any compatible device, including your TV in full HD via Apple TV, Samsung smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, and more. “The Launch of Vimeo On Demand is Huge” Quotes SGL Entertainment Executives Jeffrey A Swanson and Damien Dante. “The quality and the features of the platform have been well thought out, and the easy navigation makes this the best independent movie distribution platform available.

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